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About Me and What I Do

My name is Annie, Clairvoyant/Card Reader & Healer. I am based in Christchurch.  

I am attuned to Higher Energies and Higher Consciousness (Source) via my Advanced Reiki Training with The Clairvoyant Healing School and also through my completion of Levels 1 to 3 of Sue Nicholson's Workshops.  

I am also a qualified Reiki Reflexologist and Relaxation Massage Therapist. I have completed my first year in a Diploma in Naturopathy during which I learned Zone Therapy, Relaxation Massage,Foot Massage and Flower Essences.

After many requests and much spiritual input, I have recently relocated to Christchurch after 27 years in Auckland. Yes, it was a huge move and I have left my family in the North Island to be here but I have been guided down here to help and that meant commitment on my part, no half measures, so shifting was a necessary part of this journey I am now on.

I love being able to offer guidance and healing to those who meet with me to improve their lives. I use my Intuitive/Psychic abilities to provide life coaching to those in need, guiding and encouraging movement forward and helping others to put goals in place to achieve their dreams. Every one has different requirements and life situations, so each session is specifically catered to the individuals needs and situation(s) at hand.  

I have lost count of the "miracles" I have seen happen with people who felt they had no direction and no future. There is nothing that cannot be achieved if you are open and put your heart and soul into it. A favourite saying of mine is "You are the Captain of your own ship and the author of your own book - sail it and write it how you want it to be!'

Let me help you reach your true potential.

Please check out the individual pages detailing the work I do and the services offered to you. I can see you in person or sessions can be arranged via skype with either the Paypal option or direct credit of funds etc so distance is not an issue.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with either guidance for your future or to help you heal.

Meditation, Spiritual Guidance and Teaching is also available by arrangement. 

Feel free for contact me to discuss your situation and requirements or to make an appointment. I try and work around times and days that suit you - please do not hesitate to give me a call to discuss 

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand 

Hours: Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM - some evening appointments available

Sat/Sun Appointments by arrangement

Ph/Text Annie on 021 827114


Skype: annienz45

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