Reiki Relax - "The World Is Your Oyster - How Big Do You Want The Pearl To Be"

I offer a wide range of services and regularly run specials, so please check out the specials page.  Consultations by arrangement - weekend appointments also available. 

Clairvoyant/Tarot/Oracle Card Readings
1 hour                                                                    $80
1/2 hour                                                                 $50
Skype Readings also available

Numerology Readings                                              $40

Reiki Reflexology, Chakra Balancing and
Aura Cleansing, Healing Session                              $90
Follow up Sessions                                                  $70               

Sessions with me for Energy Healing Sessions
which includes, Reiki, Emotional Release Work
and Cord cutting etc and consultation                    $120

Intuitive Life Coaching Session 1.5hours                $150

Distance Reiki                                                          $45

Pet Healings by arrangement

Ladies Relaxation Massage 1 hour                            $80
Ladies Reiki Massage  1 hour                                    $85

Reflexology/Aromatherapy Foot Massage 1 hour       $85
Reflexology (1 hour) plus Foot Spa in Essential Oils  $95

Loyalty cards for repeat clients