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Health & Wellbeing Expo

See details below for Upcoming Expo Dates and Venues :-)

Heaton Intermediate, 125-133 Heaton Street, Merivale, Christchurch - 11 - 4pm

Heaton Expos 2020:

Saturday 25th January 
Saturday 22nd February
Saturday 28th March 
Saturday 25th April 
Saturday 30th May 
Saturday 27th June
Saturday 25th July 
Saturday 29th August
Saturday 26th September
Saturday 31st October 
Saturday 28th November
Saturday 12th December

South Hornby School, Christchurch,  11am-4pm

Saturday 7th March 2020

Bromley Community Center
Sunday 2nd February 2020
Sunday 14th June 2020

$5 entry (under 12 free)

An opportunity for Wellbeing practitioners/business etc to connect with the public & promote different healing and wellbeing products, methods & offer taster sessions, blended with a "Splash of Spiritual" for those requiring some guidance and coaching
 (stalls vary from month) 

"With a Splash of Spiritual"