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Healings & Testimonials

I have been taught and trained to work with the Hierachy, Higher Consciousness and I work closely with my guides, the Angels, Archangles and Ascended Masters in both healing and reading sessions. 

As well as doing Reiki and Reiki Reflexology, a large part of my healing works involves reaching to the core of emotional and health issues. Blocked energy traps us emotionally, physically and spiritually and I work with the Angels and Archangels to clear the blockages and cut the cords so that you can move forward in a more positive and healthy way. The effects of this can be life changing. It really makes my heart sing when I see these transformations take place, it is like a dark veil being lifted and the light is suddenly allowed in to shine at its' brightest. 

I work with you to clear energy blockages, cut emotional cords to allow forward movement, balance your chakra system and help you de-stress 

I genuinely enjoy working with people and seeing them come to their true potential.


"I have had a the privilege of getting spiritual help and guidance from Annie and also from Brian, who is a Psychic Intuitive. My healing was amazing I could actually feel areas in my body being worked on and felt wonderful afterwards, a lot lighter and in less pain. Brian has done healing for me from a distance and I could feel the difference also, the pain in my elbow joints in particular went away. I found my reading with Annie very accurate and healing. To me they are wonderful, authentic, true people whose agendas are to help people". (Renee K)

"I actually went to Annie for a combo, Reiki and a reading. It was a day off for me from my usual busy life working and raising my girls so I felt like a treat. We all go through life and deal with what it throws at us. I believed I had dealt well with my past, acknowledging it, forgiving and then letting go. Well that all changed when I met Annie and also Brian (who was visiting Annie in Auckland and who is an Intuitive Psychic). Between them both what I experienced that day has been life changing for me. Brian picked up immediately a particular time in my life that I had endured trauma. Whilst Brian in his very gentle way, talked me through facing that trauma once again and releasing it, Annie performed Reiki to help aid the emotion that I was going through and worked with her guides in higher consciousness to cut the emotional chords that were still there. I thought I'd dealt with my past but after this session, the enormous relief that I felt, I can't begin to describe. It still sits with me now and I believe that it was the trigger that has set my spiritual journey into motion. I feel lighter, happier and stronger. I highly recommend Annie whether it be for injury or emotional healing, both are equally important" (Catherine)

"My experience of Annie's healing is totally safe, humbling, positively empowering and gentle. Annie is an extremely centered gifted healer who I feel humble and privileged to know. Also her wisdom and generosity of spirit is truly unique. Everyone needs guidance in their lives at some point. Sometimes we need spiritual assistance and someone to turn to. I like to think of Annie as my human spirit guide, so full of warmth and love. She puts a smile on my face no matter what my problem might be. 

Her expertise is second to none and she is truly a guardian angel here on earth. First of all, thank you Annie, I want to let you know that meeting you 4 months ago was one of the most inspiring things I have done in my life. I feel like a different person. Reiki has changed my world, I see more clearly, more positively and in a different light. Through Reiki I realised that unknowingly I had created ailments within myself. This was a result of supressing my emotions instead of dealing with them. I had held on to deep resentment and had not dealt with forgiveness or bereavement. As I allowed these emotions to be expressed and released. I started to perceive things differently. I began to have hope and trust in life. I could now take responsibility for my own life without blaming others or myself for what had happened. It won't work over night but it will work. Thank you again Annie" (Renae).

(Shingles/General Health)

"At the start of 2011 I was struck down by a severe and debilitating attack of shingles... recovery was slow and initially painful however by mid year I felt almost back to par - Almost...but not quite. Routine trips to the GP failed to make any improvement and so I discussed my condition with Annie Jury who I had met through a mutual friend. I noticed improvement after the very first Reiki session and this improvement continued during the next couple of months and I now feel totally better fact better than I was pre shingles. I have no hesitation in commending Annie's Reiki Reflexology." (Alan)

(Knee pain/Stiffness/General Health)

"When I came to Annie, I like others, was skeptical toward Reiki. Because of her calm and self assured manner and her concern for others I decided to give Reiki a try. I didn’t think it was possible for it to help me. Stress was an issue, relaxation was becoming difficult. To my amazement during my first session with Annie I felt an incredible calm and relaxing feeling come over me. The tension in my shoulders and neck had subsided. I have better movement in my upper body area and my neck has lost the stiffness that caused me so much pain.

At first I only verbalized that my knee was causing me pain and I had difficulty walking. After the session I was amazed at what had taken place. I only revealed my knee because I was not fully convinced. After the session I was amazed that the things I didn’t reveal manifested themselves during my sessions with Annie. I feel I control my stress better with Reiki. It helps me to relax. I no longer have any pain in my left knee, and there is a vast improvement on all scales. I will continue Reiki with Annie as I have come to recognize its benefits. Thank you Annie." (Michael)

(Complicated Shoulder Injury)

"I have been to visit Annie four times (July/August 2011) for Reiki Reflexolology as I have a major and complicated shoulder injury which has been ongoing since December 2010. The Reiki Reflexology is staving off shoulder surgery, having had better effects than 8 months of physio, chiropractor, massage and accupuncture combined. Both the Physiotherapist and Orthopaedic Surgeon have noticed profound effects and improvement, so much so that the orthopaedic surgeon has delayed surgery twice now and I may not need it at all. The best part is that every time I have contact with Annie something good happens in my life." (Joyden)  

(Shoulder Injury)

"Before speaking to Anne about her Reiki I was in a world of pain! I had had chronic shoulder pain for a while and was in the throes of being diagnosed with what I now know as a severe shoulder injury and the option of shoulder reconstruction was being thrown about. I truly believe that her remote Reiki (I live in Australia) helped avoid this and aided in my recovery. The long term relief was gradual but I had an instant change in the amount of pain I was in and I would feel a warm tingly sensation in my shoulder and felt as if I had a heat pack against my body. One time whilst getting Anne’s Reiki I actually felt a “pop” and that for me was a turn around in my recovery. I can’t thank Anne enough for her help, without her I honestly believe I would be receiving surgery right now rather than writing this after a hard days work."(Jared) 

(Knee Pain/Low Energy)

"New to Reiki I wasn’t really aware exactly what it was until I was at my appointment, so was delighted to discover an hour of forced relaxation that impacted on my health with immediate benefits. The pain relief from my knees was so welcome both during the day and night, which meant I could actually sleep through the night again. It didn’t stop there though; walking was easier for days ahead and the relaxation had released energy I hadn’t felt for a long time. After the grind of months of work related stress, after the first session I felt my ‘mojo’ back, and able to welcome each day with peace. I recommend Annie. She’s proved her training and capability to me with the improvements in my health"(Gwenda)

(Severe Back Pain)

"I came to have a reiki reflexology session with Anne in early March 2011 because I was in excruciating pain with my back. I was a little skeptical at first as I really didn't understand how it could actually work but I was absolutely amazed at how I felt afterwards. Apart from feeling relaxed for the first time in months, the pain actually subsided for quite a period of time and it was such a relief. I'm now about to have another session which I am looking forward to and I have also had great feedback from another friend who has also found it amazing" (Arnse)

(Cancer Patient)

"I was battling Cancer for 6 months and constantly in horrendous pain and sleep deprived. After my first session with Annie the pain I was carrying in my neck and shoulders was gone and hasn't come back since. And now I sleep on a regular basis. The day I was having my final scan I was very anxious as I get very claustrophobic in the Machines. Also being injected with radiation and just the procedure itself is all a bit traumatic and long. Annie gave me a Remote Reiki for the 2 hours I was in and I felt Calm and Peaceful the entire time and what only felt like 2 minutes in the machine was actually 30mins. Two Days later I was given the All Clear !! I didn't know what to expect when I first went to see Annie, but I had an open heart & mind and was not disappointed. Thanks Annie" (Kylie)

(Ankle Injury)

"I injured my right ankle on Boxing Day 2009. I had extensive damage to all my ligaments and also a hairline fracture. Despite seeing a specialist, Dr and having physio sessions for 3 months my ankle was no where near back to its full function. In fact physio was talking of surgery! When I came to Anne the movement in my ankle was almost completely non existent, within 48 hours of my Reiki session my ankle was able to move in every direction and had regained nearly 80% of the movement. When I saw the physio the following week he was absolutely gobsmacked. After no months of improvement suddenly we had massive positive changes. Anne has a wonderful manner - is very caring and dedicated doing many remote healings for me further improving my ankle. I have no hesitation in recommending Anne to other people" (Sophia) 

(Knee/Hip Pain)

"I have had several Reiki treatments, all of which have been successful, some amazingly so. I was walking at work when my knee suddenly felt very uncomfortable, almost as if the joint was slightly out of position. I texted Anne about what had happened. I agreed to a distance Reiki healing. My leg started to become hot and tingly from the toes up. I was somewhat surprised. Next was a text from Anne asking how it was feeling. She told me to get up and see how my knee was. It was back to normal. I felt very grateful as well as amazed. The most recent treatment was just prior to Christmas 2009.

My hips were so sore and stiff and it was very difficult for me to get up out of a chair. One hip had also suffered some injury from kick boxing a few months before. I had another knee injury from jogging. I was rather concerned as a few days after Christmas I was due to go on a 9 day tramp, carrying a 16 kilo pack through the Ruahine Range. After this treatment my knee was feeling almost back to normal but what astonished me was that there was no pain or stiffness in my hips and I would get up out of, even a deep chair, with no effort. I completed half the tramp and my hips, despite carrying such a heavy weight, continued to give no trouble. This includes the kickboxing injury which I thought was permanent. I am happy to endorse Anne's Reiki treaments which have been extremely beneficial to me" (Lindsay)

(Trauma Injury to legs)

"I am so pleased Anne asked me for a reference as Anne has helped my health, also I had a major accident injurying my legs, one very bad. In that time Anne has performed a few sessions of Reiki on me. In those sessions I have felt a lot of relief and have made my life more bearable. The pain I used to have has almost gone and I have been seeing a marked improvement in the healing. Anne has also performed remote healing when I have needed it which has been a major help to me as I live in Matamata. It is not easy for me to travel to Auckland in my condition. I feel privileged to have been asked to write this reference for Anne" (Peter) 

(Back/Neck Injury)

"In December 2009, I was fortunate to hear of Anne Jury. I was having some horrific pain in my back and neck from a car accident 18 months ago. This has been ongoing for me and when I heard of Anne I thought I would give it a go. I am so glad I did as I received some immense relief from my pain. To have less pain for me has been truly awesome. It was both relaxing and a very pleasant experience for me. I can highly recommend Anne to anyone that may be seeking help whether it is from pain or discomfort of any description" (Sharron)

 Pets also benefit from Reiki

Animal Reiki Testimonial

"Words cannot express my sincere thanks for your healing work on my cow Sophie. As a lifestyle block owner for 6 years I have raised a variety of animals and having invested my heart and soul into them really dislike watching them suffer.

Sophie had an extremely difficult time giving birth for the first time and was unable to get up for several weeks. She was in an immense amount of pain and I was at my wits end as to know what to do for her. A bullet was certainly becoming more of an option as each day passed.

Prior to Anne's visit I must say that I was feeling rather sceptical and watched with great interest as Anne spent time working with Sophie. I was astounded to see the difference in her within 20 minutes. She stopped grinding her teeth in pain, her ears were more relaxed and she breathed better and the BEST of all she got up and walked around for the first time! Thereafter I knew by Sophie's behaviour every occasion Anne performed a Reiki from her home.

Needless to say I fully adovcate Reiki and most specifically Anne! I am pleased to report Sophie is now 100% and running around with other stock. Thank you so much for what you have done for us. I hope that you are able to use this to show other people the wonderful work you do". (Kelly)

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